1. Sexy mommy!


    Lauren Cohan

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    The question of any white rapper as they rise to prominence is one of realness, doubly so for a female.  It becomes and interesting balance as all the things that bring authenticity into question become the same factors that will help create greater commercial prospects, in this case beauty, a modeling background, a general sense that she is privileged.  I am not going to get into a discussion of who is really the realest though (I only bring it up so you know I am aware.  You don’t have to send me asks or anything about this, I am aware!) because it is a fools errand.  Also because i am completely ill equipped to head or participate in such a discussion.  I am, after all, the white kid who enjoyed Run DMC at least partially because it made the adults in my world so damn uncomfortable and nervous.  Appropriations and problematic racial implications aside, let me be real with you for a moment.  Iggy Azalea is not really here today because of her music, she is here because of a leaked picture that could have been or could not have been of her butt.  Which lead to some googling to look for pictures to compare it to.  Which I suppose makes this post a microcosm for the discussion surrounding her career, a matter of is she on your radar because of her talent or because she’s blonde, almost 6 feet tall, and has a crazy body?  It becomes difficult to answer, I enjoyed the Clueless tribute when it showed up last month, it was pleasant but it wasn’t enough to make me decide to post her right?  Her butt did that.  And so… where does that leave us?  I don’t know, I feel ill equipped to answer that as well.  The most honest I can be is that she is attractive and sometimes her music catches me and sometimes it doesn’t.  Really, in the end the reason she is here is simple, it’s because today I want to fuck Iggy Azalea.

    love her

  3. I wish I was study partners with her.


    Truthfully, it doesn’t get any better than the gorgeous Belle Knox

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    Sunday Funday!!!

    perfect set up

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  5. Oh my god, I’ve found heaven

    This is the most amazing video I’ve seen in a long long time.


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  10. beauty mmmm

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